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McDonald’s is testing exercise bikes in some of its stores in China

Fast food chain McDonald’s is testing ‘stationary bike seats” at some of its stores in China.

A video of a girl eating a burger and drinking soda drink while exercising on such a bike seat has gone viral on social media.

In response to the video, McDonald’s has not only confirmed the design of the exercise bikes but also revealed its “Upcycle for Good” plan, saying: “The stationary bike seats for eating inside are being tested at two locations in China as a way to respond to the government’s low carbon emission policy,“ according to reports.

McDonald’s China said the bike seats can reduce customer guilt at the idea of eating fast food. The bike is made of recycled plastic materials, McDonald’s said.

While exercising on the exercise bikes, cellphones, or other electronic devices can be charged by the energy generated during the process.

This is part of McDonald’s China’s measures to promote sustainability, the report added.