McDonald’s customer allegedly finds lizard after biting into burger, sues fastfood giant

A McDonald’s customer felt disgusted after biting into her burger and finding a lizard in it.

This lady, currently known as Pamela, which is not her real name, has sued McDonald’s for this offence, The Mirror has reported.

Pamela was trying out a burger at McDonald’s outlet in Saint-Witz with her friend Christelle. After taking a bite, Pamela felt that something was awkward about the burger.

Scared, she opened it and found a squashed lizard with its gut region hanging out.

Infuriated, she complained to the staff about the lapse. Pamela received a shocking response from the staff who were not at all surprised. They just offered her a 10% discount on the next meal. No cook or supervisor came to see them.

Christelle said that the lizard was smeared with sauce. She believes that the kitchen staff must have known about it.

Pamela barely had a bite but feared that she could pass infections like salmonella to her child. Following this, she had to stop feeding her eight-month-old son. She also had trouble sleeping after the incident and consulted a doctor. She was prescribed antibiotics as a precautionary measure.

Pamela has also contacted a lawyer, Frederick Petitpermon, who kept the lizard in a fridge for several weeks in case any tests needed to be performed.

According to Frederick, food safety authorities failed to get in touch with him. He has now filed charges against McDonald’s for endangering the life of others.

On the other hand, management at McDonald’s said that they have conducted an internal investigation and found “nothing untoward”.