May’s Brexit Deal defeated in Parliament

With less than 73 days to Brexit the British lawmakers in the parliament voted down the Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal. Her deal was rejected 432 to 202 votes.

The worst defeat since the 19th century for any British Government. The British Prime Minister was abandoned by other leaders after the humiliating defeat. This raises questions if the United Kingdom would leave the European Union before the scheduled departure on the 29th of March 2019.

The opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn tore apart Prime Minister May, he said, “She cannot seriously believe after two years of failure she is capable of negotiating a good deal”.

A no confidence motion was introduced in the parliament, it will be debated and put to vote on Wednesday 16th of January.

Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party has confirmed support to the Prime Minister during the no-confidence vote, this will likely save her from an ouster.

Earlier before the vote May told lawmakers that the choice was plain either support the imperfect compromise deal – and the only one that Europe will abide or face the cliff edge of a no-deal Brexit.

May now has until Monday to return to the house with a plan B. In her speech after the vote she said she would reach out to members of Parliament to find out which Brexit deal they would endorse.

The European Union was sure of a defeat, but was stunned by the margin of defeat. E.U. policymakers and negotiators saw little they could do to try to ease any deal through the British Parliament.

No deal would yield in an economic and humanitarian crisis if none decide to budge or make a compromise.