May seeks to convince MPs to back withdrawal deal for third time

Prime Minister Theresa May will try to persuade MPs to back her deal for a third time next week.

The UK parliament will vote on the withdrawal agreement by the 20th of March, after MPs agreed to ask EU to delay Brexit. UK were scheduled to leave on the 29th of this month, and now since MP’s agreed to delay Brexit the exit could be halted for more than a year now.

European Council President Donald Tusk said that the EU was open to a long extension “If the UK finds it necessary to rethink its Brexit strategy.”

The past week the House of Commons saw great activity –

On Tuesday, lawmakers rejected May’s deal for the second time by 149 votes.

On Wednesday, lawmakers rejected the idea of UK leaving EU without a deal.

On Thursday, lawmakers seeked extension of the Article 50, which is the legal mechanism for UK to leave the EU.

Since UK wants to delay, they will need approval of all the other 27 EU members, and talk about the possible conditions for an extension to take place. The EU summit will begin on Thursday.

Well most of this will be dependent on how the UK parliament will vote for the deal the third time.

However, the big question is if the EU would agree for an extension?

It’s the responsibility of the lawmakers in the House of Commons and the European Union to make possible a smooth and peaceful transition. No deal Brexit would do damage to both the UK and EU, and most importantly people. At the moment none of the sides are wanting to back off.