Massive wave almost took away a woman who was posing for pictures

A life threatening moment of a woman who was standing at an edge of a cliff posing for a few pictures with her arm wide open was captured on camera, when she was suddenly surprised by high waves. The video of the woman being hit by waves had gone viral on social media.

The disturbing footage shows an Asian woman was posing for a picture on the edge of a cliff, when a high wave almost swept her away.

Luckily, the woman was found safe, but she did suffer a few minor injuries. The incident occurred at the Nusa Lembongan island in Bali, Indonesia.

With the terrible introduction of selfies, filters and story sharing applications people are going to great extents to get that one great image. In 2018, more than 250 people lost their lives while clicking selfies, and India topped the ranking for selfie related deaths.