Massive floods in China has affected 54.8 million people

The massive floods in China for the past two months has  inflicted a heavy toll on the country’s economy and infrastructure.

Torrential rains caused massive  flooding across the Yangtze River, Yellow River, and Huai River and have affected 54.8 million people in 27 provincial-level regions according to China’s Ministry of Emergency Management.

Despite the vast scale of the disaster across China over two months, the government is reporting a miraculously low 158 dead or missing.

State media Xinhua has reported 3.76 million people were evacuated from flood-ravaged areas. Amid the onslaught, 41,000 homes have collapsed and 368,000 have been damaged.

The floods have caused a loss of US$ 20.66 billion.

Compared with the average over the same period in the past five years, the number of people affected by floods this year has increased by 23.4 percent, the number of evacuations has increased by 36.7 percent, and direct economic losses have increased by 13.8%.

Suspiciously, the number of dead and missing persons has decreased by 53.9 percent and the number of collapsed houses has dropped by 68.4 percent.

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