Massive car pileup in Texas kills at least 9; traps dozens in their vehicles

A car pile up crash killed at least nine persons on Thursday as winter storms hit Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, United States.

At least 133 cars piled up on Interstate 35 West in Fort Worth, according to Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes. Many people were trapped in their vehicles required hydraulic equipment to free them.

Overall this was one of the 300 incidents reported in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin areas as dicey conditions and freezing rain accumulated ice on roads.

At least 65 people have sought medical treatment at local hospitals following Thursday’s pileup.

Dallas Police Department spokeswoman Tamika Dameron said 133 major accidents on freeways, 86 minor accidents, four minor city equipment accidents, two major city equipment accidents, and one major city equipment accident on the freeway.

The area was under a winter weather advisory until Thursday evening because of ice accumulation, which would result in “very slippery sidewalks, roads and bridges,” the weather service said.