Mass stabbing in Japan leaves 2 dead and 17 injured

A mass stabbing rampage killed a school girl and injured 17 people in Kawasaki a town outside Tokyo, Japan.

The knife man turned the knife on himself after attacking 18 people, the police are yet to ascertain the suspects motives. The rampage resulted in two deaths, one was of the schoolgirl and second the suspected attacker who was taken into custody by police died after stabbing himself.

The incident comes at a time when US president Donald Trump was on a state visit to Japan, the US president offered his “prayers and sympathy” to the victims as he met troops outside Tokyo.

Standing aboard a Japanese military ship, he said that “all Americans stand with the people of Japan and grieve for the victims and for their families”.

The incident occurred in the south of the Japanese capital, mixed eyewitness accounts say that the mass stabbing started at a park and subsequent accounts describing it as taking place at a nearby bus stop.

The rampage attacks are rare in Japan and it has the lowest crime rates among developed nations.

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