Mass shooting at New Jersey hose party attended by 100 guests leaves at least 2 dead, 12 wounded

A mass shooting at a house party in New Jersey attended by 100 guests has left at least two people dead and twelve injured.

Police were called to the mansion shortly before midnight Saturday following reports of gunfire. At least twelve were shot, with six people requiring hospital treatment as a result.

One of those killed is said to have been a 30 year-old man, with the other victim a 25 year-old woman.

Six people were taken to Cooper University Hospital in Camden with one said to be critically ill, CNN reported.

Pastor Phil Murphy, who lives across the street, said he initially mistook the gunshots for fireworks.

He told WPVI: ‘I just started hearing at first what I thought was fireworks, it was really gunshots, and I heard nine in rapid succession.

‘If you’re going to a party, why do you need to take a gun? If you’re there to have a good time why do you need a gun with you? That means you’re expecting trouble to me.’

New Jersey Police said on Sunday that no arrests have been made, and that there is currently no motive for the shooting.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said: ‘Since late last night, the New Jersey State Police and county and local law enforcement in Cumberland County have been investigating the horrific mass shooting at a large house party in Fairfield Township that attracted hundreds of party-goers.

‘At this time, at least two people have lost their lives, among numerous other shooting victims, including several with injuries that are life-threatening.

‘We hold those who have died, and their families, in our prayers today, and we also pray for the recoveries of those injured. We are grateful for the swift response of law enforcement and stand with them as they continue their investigation.’

Murphy added: ‘Let there be no mistake: This despicable and cowardly act of gun violence only steels our commitment to ensuring New Jersey leads the nation in passing and enforcing strong and common sense gun safety laws. No community should ever experience what occurred last night in Fairfield.