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Man’s health deteriorates after electricity company sends him $1.1 million bill

A clerical error resulting in a sky-high electricity bill almost cost an elderly man his life in India’s Maharashtra state.

Ganpat Naik, 80, was rushed to a local hospital after he complained of high blood pressure, all because of an error by the electricity distribution company sent him a bill of Rs. 80 crore (approximately $1.1 million)

Mr Naik who is a heart patient couldn’t take the shock and was rushed to a local hospital. When the news spread of the reason for Naik’s hospitalization, the electricity company, MSEDCL, soon realised its fault and retracted the faulty bill.

MSEDCL went on and clarified that the error due to the agency that notes the meter reading sas they had made a bill of 9 digits instead of the usual 6 digits and this caused all the confusion.

MSEDCL was doing a re-run of the calculations to issue a corrected bill.

Mr Naik’s health was reportedly better after the company retracted the million dollar bill.

Speaking to India Today Mr Naik’s grandson, Niraj said: “At first, I thought they have sent us the entire district’s bill. We rechecked and it was only our bill. We got scared because the electricity board has started recovering dues and arrears from everyone for the lockdown period.”