Man’s big belly saves him from falling down a well

An obese man got super lucky as his big belly prevented him from falling down a well. The man’s big belly came to his rescue when his life was in major trouble.

The incident occurred in China’s Henan Province, the Luoyang Fire Service reported. The 28-year-old man, identified as Liu, got trapped after he accidentally jumped on the wooden board covering his family well. He was stuck below his chest and was not able to come out. However, it was his oversized belly that saved him from plunging down.

The fire rescue personnel arrived and tied a rope around the man’s waist to take him out. Several villagers and firefighters worked together to pull out the trapped man. The man, shirtless, was captured waiting with his arms crossed.

The man was safely rescued and had no injuries apart from some abrasions on his skin. According to The Sun’s report, the man weighed over 130 kgs. The report further says that the man was actually helping his family fill the well which had dried-up.