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Man won’t marry until he gets newly launched phone, so company sends him one

A man who declared on social media that he wouldn’t get married until he got a newly launched smartphone was in for a surprise when the company actually turned into a wish-granting Santa and gifted him a new phone.

Twitter user Kamal Ahamad from Uttar Pradesh was in for a pleasant surprise when he actually received an Mi 10T Pro.

Another round of suprise was then waiting for Ahamad when Xiaomi Vice President and Managing Director of Mi India, Manu Kumar Jain, replied to his post on Twitter.

“Haha! I think you are now ready to get married”.

However, there is a catch. Ahamad did not exactly get the phone as a gift. In a tweet later he said he won a coupon for the phone and thus won it on the Xiaomi page as part of several of the company’s engagement-building activities.