Man who went to fix clothes dryer, finds dead snake inside

A Florida family called a repair man after their clothes dryer began to blow a lot of lint, who then discovered a dead snake in the compartment.

The family had sought Sea Star Air and Appliances to fix the dryer. Repairman Darrell Cobble came to their home to take a look. He told Alyson Pring that it looked a simple repair job.

“He came out said it was probably something stuck in there, the motor jammed, easy fix,” she said.

“He just stands up, and he walks off. He’s like, ‘There’s a dead snake in there,’” Pring said.

Cobble told the station that while it’s not common, snakes can find their way into dryers. He said there is usually a grate that prevents snakes and other animals from entering the dryer. But Pring’s central Florida home did not have one.

They’ll be keeping an eye out now, Pring said.

“Could’ve been much worse, but I’m glad it was dead, done, fixed it up and ready to go,” she said.