Man who threw brick at car injured after it bounced back to hit him on the face

A man who attempted to vandalise a car with a brick regretted his decision immediately after it bounced back to hit him in the face.  The incident was recorded in a CCTV camera and now its footage has gone viral on social media.

The clip was shared to Facebook by Martin Craig, whose car was attacked. It shows a man wearing a hoodie walking past his car, presumably to check if the coast is clear. He then picks up a brick and throws it at the car. Unluckily for him, it only bounces back to hit him – making him stagger back, clutching his face in pain.

Craig shared the video with caption, “This nice person decided he would break into my car. After many failed attempts karma came to bite him in the face.”

The video has collected over 31,000 views on Facebook since it was first uploaded a week ago.

The man who threw the brick was supposedly arrested for criminal damage to a vehicle and shoplifting.