Man who showed finger while passing a speed camera fined £1,000

A man  in England’s Great Harwood, Lancashire, was fined for showing finger to the speed camera despite being within the speed limit.

Ben Baron, 44, showed the fingers with both hand to the speed camera to celebrate safely passing the speed camera and got fined.

Baron was sent photos captured by the camera, along with a notification saying that he was being prosecuted for ‘not having proper control of his van’.

The maximum fine is GBP £1,000 for that offence.

Baron has decided to set up a charity fund on GoFundMe hoping that people with a sense of humour will donate to the campaign and help him pay off his fine.

A similar incident took place in April last year where a driver in Kulmbach was fined heavily for showing middle finger to the camera while going over the speed limit.

The 26-year-old, whose name has not been revealed, was fined EUR 1500 and a one-month driving ban by the Kulmbach district court.