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Man who drove his car onto Bangkok airport runway claims to have taken ‘wrong turn’

A man in Thailand drove his car right onto an active airport runway, shocking airport staff.

The motorist under the influence of drugs, drove his car towards a plane which had just landed at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok.

The video was filmed by ground staff. “I don’t know how the car made it onto the runway,” the person can be heard saying.

“The airport is such a valuable company, but they haven’t even managed to stop the car from getting into the airport. This is such a safety and security breach. It’s so terrible.”

Thai media reported that the man was quickly apprehended. He was later identified as one Prathipat Masakul.

Mr Masakul, when apprehended by airport police, claimed that he had “taken a wrong turn”.

Officials said the man was high on methamphetamine. The drug was also found inside his vehicle.

Officials were investigating how he managed to breach security and enter the runway.