Man who died dangling atop of Dixon’s chimney scaled 15 feet locked temporary ladder

Man who died atop 290 feet Dixon’s chimney scaled temporary ladders that started 15 feet above the ground inside a locked compound, investigators reveal. Police tried to rescue him with cherry picker but tragically he had already died.

Today, flowers were left at a wall which surrounds the chimney as people pay their respects to the man who has lost his life.

Councillors say the temporary ladder was used for recent repair works inside a ‘walled and gated compound’ with no ‘direct access.’

Police have launched a probe into how and why the victim who was in his 50s, had scaled Dixon’s Chimney, in Carlisle, before he got stuck dangling upside down for 15 hours.

The works started earlier this month and following the completion of the repairs, the ladders were due to be removed this week. The council said it was working with a ‘specialist contractor’ to remove them.

Emergency workers who were involved with the rescue operation failed to rescue him by a helicopter, and by the time the cherry picker was drafted to reach him he was gone. When he was lowered paramedics confirmed he was dead.

Police suspect that the man scaled the ladder under cover of darkness and probably become trapped when he lost his balance at the top. But, other angles are also being investigated.