Man who bought PM Modi’s suit in an auction was duped ₹1 crore

A diamond merchant and businessman from Gujarat’s Surat who had bought Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pinstripe suit in an auction in 2015, was duped INR₹ 1 crore (US$ 142k) by two brothers.

Laljibhai Patel the chairman of Dharmanandan Diamonds Pvt Ltd hit the headlines in 2015 when he bought Modi’s much-famed pinstripe suit for INR₹ 4.31 crore (US$ 615k) in a public auction.

The police said that two brothers, Himmat and Vijay Koshia cheated Patel’s firm after he gave them rough diamonds on credit last year.

A FIR was registered against these two individuals on the 22nd of April for cheating. The diamonds weighed around 1500 carats, they were worth INR₹ 1 crore.

The duo who took the diamonds promised to pay the entire sum of INR₹ 1 crore within 120 days, and even after the credit period ended payments weren’t made. The Koshia brothers office is locked and their phones were switched off. It was only when they went untraceable was when the firm lodged a police complaint.

The police have started an investigation and have learnt that the Koshia brothers have a history of cheating other firms as well.

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