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Man vandalises ex-girlfriend’s car, flees on motorcycle, crashes and dies moments later

A man who vandalized his ex-girlfriend’s car outside a bar on Saturday morning fled the scene at high speed, crashing and dying moments later, police said.

Officers responded to a disturbance around 1:40am where witnesses told them 39-year-old Oscar Martinez was striking his ex-girlfriend’s car with a crowbar.

Police said Martinez left before they arrived, but about half an hour into their investigation, he returned on a motorcycle.

Martinez revved his engine, spun in circles on the nearby highway and took off as officers approached, according to the Woodburn Police Department.

He fled southbound on North Pacific Highway, and within moments, he crashed into the back of another car traveling the same direction. Medical responders declared him dead at the scene.

The driver of the other vehicle was taken to the hospital but did not appear to have serious injuries, police said.

The Oregon Department of Transportation closed a section of the highway for about six hours while the Oregon State Police conducted an investigation.