Man takes out brass knuckles after he was asked to wear facemask at Walmart store

Even though medical professionals urge people to wear masks and maintain social distancing to prevent them from contracting the severe Covid-19, months after the pandemic some refuse to comply.

There have been quite some number of incidents so far.

In a recent incident in Ohio, United States a person was arrested for taking out brass knuckles during an argument about wearing a mask.

The incident took place in a Walmart store. The police revealed that they have arrested a 20-year-old man named Colyn Tusing from the store in the city of Sandusky. Colyn was busted by the police.

The police were called in at the store after the man had refused to put on a mask despite being requested by a staff member to do so. The police report mentions that after the officials reached the location, they asked Colyn to put on his mask, as is the protocol. But he refused to budge and stuck to his decision to not wear a mask.

After an officer told Colyn to leave the Walmart, he put on the brass knuckles that were in his pocket as he walked away, the police report said.

Colyn was arrested and the officer removed the weapon from his hand. He was also carrying an orange razor blade knife in his pocket, which police confiscated. He was charged with carrying a concealed weapon.