Man suffers bite from cobra snake while sitting on toilet, undergoes reconstructive surgery

A man from the Netherlands had to have reconstructive surgery on his penis after suffering a bite from a cobra while sitting on the toilet.

The otherwise healthy 47-year-old was on vacation in South Africa at a nature reserve when the cobra struck from the toilet and clamped on to his genitals, reports said.

The man waited three hours to be transported by helicopter to the nearest trauma centre, some 350 kilometres away, after suffering what the medical journal described as the first case of “snouted cobra envenomation of the genitals.”

During that wait, the victim reported feeling “a burning sensation in his genitals and a pain that ascended through his groin to his flank, upper chest, and abdomen.”

When he arrived at the hospital, his genitals were swollen and a deep purple colour, which doctors say indicated scrotal necrosis — ‘flesh eating disease’.

He received multiple doses of a non-specific snake venom antiserum and broad-spectrum antibiotics, according to the medical report.

Nine days later, the man returned to the Netherlands where a plastic surgeon performed a reconstructive surgery.