Man sues Apple after his iPhone X exploded in his pocket, causing second-degree burns

An Australian man is suing Apple after an iPhone X exploded in his pocket, causing second-degree burns.

Melbourne-based Robert De Rose claims that he has reported the issue to Apple but has received no response from the tech giant.

De Rose wants to get compensated for the injury and the loss he faced due to the alleged burning of his iPhone. The lawsuit has been filed in Australia’s County Court.

The year-old iPhone X exploded in De Rose’s pocket back in 2019 when he was sitting in his office.

“I heard a faint pop sound, followed by a fizz and then I felt intense pain on my right leg, so I immediately jumped up and realised it was my phone,” he was quoted by 7News.

The exploded smartphone cause second-degree burns to De Rose’s thigh and burnt the pocket of the pants he was wearing. He told 7News that his skin has peeled back.

An Apple spokesperson told 7News that the company takes consumer safety extremely seriously and confirmed that the complaints are being investigated.

This is not the first time an Apple device has been reported to have cause burning injuries to a user.

A 10 month-old iPhone X had allegedly exploded when a user was in the process of installing a software update in Washington, US in November 2018.

Apart from that, a three-week-old iPhone XS Max had reportedly caught fire in the pocket of a man in Ohio in December 2018.