Man stumbles upon taxidermy rhino head on sidewalk while walking his dog

Cops in Pennsylvania are investigating after a taxidermy rhinoceros was found on the sidewalk in Aspinwall.

Local resident Cameron Taylor was walking his dog when he stumbled upon the head.

Aspinwall Police took custody of the head, which they say appears to be authentic. They believe it is potentially more than 50 years old.

Police say they are in the process of contacting the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to find out what the legalities of possessing such an item are.

The police officer actually showed us video footage of the guy [who left the dolly there],” Taylor said.

Aspinwall police say they are reviewing surveillance video from nearby homes and businesses to figure out who the man is, where he got the rhino head and why he dumped it.

So far, nobody has come forward to claim the head and police are unsure of to whom it belongs.