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Man spills ketchup on New York City subway floor to mark his territory

In an effort to keep fellow commuters away from his seat, a passenger squirted ketchup on a floor of a moving subway to mark his territory. The incident reportedly occurred in a New York City Subway.

The incident came to the fore after a journalist named Pervaiz Shallwani tweeted a photo of the incident posting, “a straphanger in a morning train pulled a bottle of ketchup from his bag and squirted a perimeter on the train car floor to keep folks from crowding his seat.”

He added that a woman seated next to the man didn’t budge and remained on her seat.

Following his tweet, NYCT Subway sprang into action and asked him to provide the “4 digit” train car number. The journalist gave the number and NYCT Subway thanked him and said it would ask the “maintenance team” to clean the spot as soon as possible.