Man smuggling gold concealed under wig caught in Kochi Airport

A man tried to smuggle gold under his wig at the Kochi airport. He was a native of Malappuram in Kerala.

The man, Noushad was travelling from Sharjah to Kerala, where he was caught at Kochi airport. He tried to smuggle over 1 kg of gold by hiding it in a compound under his wig.

He also went the extra mile to conceal the gold as he shaved a major portion of his head to make room for the gold compound. But that was to no avail, as he got caught.

Cochin Unit of Customs got a tip-off beforehand and they did a thorough verification. They have now launched a detailed probe into the incident.

This incident comes after a man tied to smuggle cocaine under his wig in a similar fashion at the Barcelona airport. The cocaine was worth $34,000. The man appeared quite nervous at the airport, and when officers asked him to remove his toupee authorities found almost 1 kilogram of cocaine glued to his head.

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