Man robs pizza restaurant right after applying for a job there, gets caught

A man in Pennsylvania decided to rob a family-run pizza restaurant right after applying for a job there.

Nicholas Mark, 22, stole a tip jar from Pizza D’Oro in North Catasauqua. He also used a knife to threaten an employee, Wilmer Chinchilla.

Mr Mark had filled out a job application with his personal information on it – including his name and address. He apparently had a change of heart right after filling out the job information, and decided to make off with the restaurant’s tip jar.

According to The Morning Call, Nicholas Mark ran out of the pizzeria with a tip jar that contained about $220. Along with a filled-out job application, he also left behind a bag that had multiple items with his name on them. The bag also had syringes and other suspected drug paraphernalia like razor blades and cotton swabs.

Staff at the restaurant were able to share his contact information with the police, who responded to reports of the robbery on Wednesday evening. Mr Chinchilla and other witnesses were then able to identify Mr Mark from an eight-person lineup.

He has now been charged with robbery, robbery with the threat of serious injury, theft, possession of a weapon, simple assault and possession of drug paraphernalia, and sent to jail.