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Man puts advertisement in newspaper to SELL kidney to replay loans after lockdowns, curfews HIT business

An Indian man has given an advertisement in a newspaper to put one of his kidneys on sale to repay his debt after lockdowns one after the other hit his business.

28-year-old, Sabzar Ahmad Khan, is a car dealer from south Kashmir’s Qazigund gave an ad that had a title: “Kidney for sale”.

“I want to sell my kidney because I have lost everything in business but I am still indebted to pay INR₹ 90 lakh rupees. I request anyone in need of a kidney to contact me,” Khan further said in the ad, despite being aware that selling kidneys is illegal.

Khan is a car dealer and also a government-registered contractor.

“I have lost everything and have no money left to pay off the debts. I request anyone in need of a kidney to contact me,” he says in the ad.

Khan is the sole breadwinner for the family of six that includes his parents, wife, one brother and a sister. “I have a liability of INR ₹91 lakh. I owe INR ₹61 lakh to the bank and INR ₹30 lakh to people (creditors),” he was quoted as saying.

He now stays inside his home as he cannot face the people from whom he borrowed money, while his brother works as a labourer to make the ends meet.

Khan says that he has informed his family members and has convinced them too as he plans to sell his kidney to clear the debts.

He says he received calls from a few “prospective buyers” for his kidney. “One of the callers offered INR ₹20 lakh and another INR ₹25 lakh. I will be holding further discussions with the parties to get the best offer,” he was quoted as saying.

The Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir has suffered a huge economic blow after the government imposed curfew to curb dissent after scrapping the state’s special status in August 2019. During the government’s crackdown thousands of people were detained and some are yet detained.

The government also deployed tens of thousands of troops to quell the unrest and enforced a crackdown on communication.

After months when authorities were easing some restrictions, the coronavirus pandemic stuck forcing yet another lockdown.