Man nearly chokes to death after swallowing an Apple AirPod in his sleep

A man in the United States nearly choked to death after swallowing an Apple Ear Pod after he had forgotten to pull out of his ears while falling asleep.

Brad Gauthier, 38, from Worcester, Massachusetts on Tuesday woke up and started gagging at his home after he drank a glass of water. He coughed out the water and just went on with his day, despite pain in his chest.

In the meantime, Brad also realised that one of his ear pods were missing. His family joked that perhaps he had swallowed the earplug.

But when the situation in his chest got worse, forcing him to visit a hospital and get a chest x-ray. The doctors and Brad were stunned to find out that the ear pod actually wedged in his oesophagus.

The doctors initially thought Brad choked on a piece of food. Since it was his wife’s birthday the night before, his family had held a party and Brad had eaten a lot of food. But the chest x-ray made it clear.

While the incident may sound hilarious, it took doctors a while to remove the Apple product from Brad’s throat. A complex endoscopic procedure was deployed on Brad to safely rescue the earplug.

Doctors said the pod could have easily slid down to his stomach or even have punctured his lungs, had it not been taken out in time.

Doctors say Brad turned out to become lucky as the pod had lodged itself in his throat and stayed there without causing much damage.