Man marries PhD student by posing as astronaut of NASA, ISRO scientist

A Delhi man posed as an ISRO [Indian Space Research Organisation] scientists to dupe a PhD student and marry her.

The man met the woman and her family, showed them fake IDs, said he has even worked with the DRDO and is set to join Nasa where he will become an astronaut. This trick worked, and he married the woman, who is a PhD student.

Delhi Police registered a case against him after his wife of the man filed a complaint. The incident happened in Dwarka area of Delhi and the accused has been identified as Jitendra.

The two got married in May this year after Jitendra showed his Isro ID cards and documents to the girl’s family so that they would be convinced that he was indeed a scientist, working with the space agency.

After his wedding, he told his wife that he had also worked with the DRDO and was going to Nasa in the United States to prepare for his space missions as an astronaut. This was when the woman got suspicious.

On the day Jitendra “left for the US”, his wife checked his location and found he was in Gurugram. The man fled with his family after the woman confronted him.

The victim, in her complaint, said that before their wedding, Jitendra used to claim that he works at DRDO and later started talking about joining the Isro.

A case against Jitendra and his family has been registered at Dwarka North Police Station. An investigation in the case is underway.

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