Man makes engagement ring with nail shavings

A Japanese man saved his nail clippings for a year to make an engagement ring out of it.

The man shared the video of the entire process of fingernails being converted into an engagement ring on YouTube.

The video titled Engagement ring made from human nails’ this man showed the detailed process of making the ring with a black stone.

In the video he showed that he first blended the nails to convert them into a fine powder and then mixed them with water in a pan. Then went on to compress that semi-liquid substance and squeezed out all the extra liquid present using a screw.

The man then kept the screw which he used to squeeze out the excess liquid and the remaining paste in a microwave for 90 minutes at 150 degrees. What came out after the heating process looked far from the nail shavings.

It was a black clay-like material in the shape of a fancy stone. Using a nail filer and a nail buffer, he smoothened out the stone and then finally used a mold to give the stone the shape of a diamond.

He then placed the stone on the ring which looked far from fingernails.

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