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Man leaves hilarious note for postman about spider ‘holding mailbox hostage’

An Instagram post has shared a hilarious letter a resident left on their mailbox for the postman.

In the anonymous note, the writer explains that their mail has been held hostage by the insect and they are hoping the postman can help them out by taking any means necessary.

“Beholder of parcels, bringer of utility bills, I write to you on this day to ask a simple task of you.

“Living on the right side of my mailbox is a spider, seemingly holding my mail hostage.

“If you could remove him for me, either by relocation or brutal murder, I would be forever in your debt.

“Signed, Resident.”

In the bottom right-hand corner of the letter, there is then a small drawing of a spider with an annotation that says: “Spider looks like this”.

More than 13,000 people have since liked the Instagram post, with hundreds taking the time to comment and many found the letter relatable.

One person said: “The drawing of the spider is just so vivid…”

Another wrote: “Love this.”