Man kills 11 pigeons of his neighbour to avenge ‘insult’ after being scolded for spitting

In a baffling incident, a youth killed 11 pigeons, belonging to his neighbour, after he was caught spitting in front of his house.

Rahul Singh climbed onto the roof of his neighbour Dharampal Singh’s house where he killed 11 pigeons kept in a cage with a stone.

Dharampal Singh later made a video of the dead pigeons and lodged an FIR against Rahul Singh, who absconded.

The incident was reported in India’s Uttar Pradesh state.

While speaking to reporters Dharampal Singh said that Rahul would keep spitting in front of his house and he had asked the youth not to do so since spitting is prohibited in the pandemic.

To avenge the ‘insult’, Rahul killed the pigeons owned by Dharampal.

The police have launched an investigation under Wildlife Protection Act.