Man horrified after he pulls out a 17-feet-long tapeworm from his arse

It is shocking when a doctor tells you that a long tapeworm is residing in your body. But it is even more disgusting and shocking when it suddenly falls out of no-where.

A man in Thailand was facing excruciating pain in his stomach, so he decided to go to the bathroom. It was only during this time when he saw the worm coming out from his body, and he ended up pulling it out.

According to Daily Star, Duangchan Dachyoddee from Nakhon Sawan in northeast Thailand pulled out a 17 ft long tape worm from his bottom.

Elaborating upon the incident that took place on September 21, he said, “I couldn’t believe how long it was. I kept pulling and it was still stuck in my bottom. I thought it was an alien. It was disgusting. That thing had been living inside me for a long time.”

After pulling out the entire thing, he took the parasite to a doctor. The medical experts have identified the worm as a beef tapeworm or taenia saginata.

According to the doctor, this worm has been developed due to the consumption of raw meat. As per them, the eggs of the worm would have most probably been present in the meat that the 34-year-old man consumed.

It was also mentioned that the eggs would have got hatched in the person’s intestine. It is likely that there are more worms in his body. The doctors have prescribed him medication to kill such worms which may be present in his body.

Duangchan has also revealed that his favourite dish is Key Neua. The dish is primarily a spicy raw beef salad. It is also quite popular in the Isan region of northeastern Thailand.