Man holds neighbour’s denture hostage after it flew off the fence during heated argument

A neighbour who is holding a man’s denture after it flew off the fence during a heated argument has been ordered to pay up by a court in British Columbia.

Bob Bjerregaard was ordered to pay his next-door neighbour $1,829 for a replacement and other costs after the Civil Resolution Tribunal found he took Todd King’s fallen denture and refused to return it after their dispute on May 27, 2021.

The details of what happened that day are laid out in a decision from tribunal member Leah Volkers, who found that Bjerregaard had committed the tort of conversion against King by intentionally depriving him of his personal property. It does not specify where the neighbours live.

The argument between the two men began when Bjerregaard broke up a fight between King and a third neighbour, referred to by the initials TF in the tribunal decision.

King and Bjerregaard then began arguing over their shared fence, with TF looking on, the decision says. King told the tribunal that at some point, his upper denture came unstuck and fell into Bjerregaard’s property.

“[King] says TF went to pick it up, but Mr. Bjerregaard stopped him. Mr. King says Mr. Bjerregaard picked up his denture and refused to return it,” Volkers wrote.

“He says he called the police to retrieve the denture from Mr. Bjerregaard who denied having it.”

Bjerregaard has denied taking the false teeth. He argued he should not be responsible for the lost denture and that King was drunk during their fight.

King had asked for $3,480 for a replacement denture and $1,520 for pain and suffering. Volkers reduced that amount significantly, finding he only paid $1,500 for the new bridgework, and writing that she only saw evidence supporting $200 in damages.