Man had his nose bitten off by a horse after he tried to KISS it in a drunken state

A 25-year-old Russian man’s nose was bitten by a horse after the animal did not like his advances.

The man named Vasily was drunk and had come out of a bar in the city center when they stumbled upon two women riding horses. The man then tried to make a pass at one of the women on horseback and when she shot down his advances, the man drove his focus to the animal.

The man did not stop petting the animal but advanced to kiss it, despite the woman warning him to not stand in front of its mouth as it does not like it. The woman had reportedly also warned Vasily and his group that the horse tends to bite when it feels threatened which it ultimately did.

The man was rushed to the hospital where doctors were able to sew the bitten off portion together. No plaster was needed as the horse’s mouth did not reach the cartilage. However, doctors are of the opinion that the injury will leave a scar as there are several stitches.

However, the man in question has denied these sequence of events. He said: “I drank yesterday, but I would never go to kiss a horse because it’s dangerous. I wanted to stroke her. I fed it with carrots, and then the horse [turned] sharply to me and [bit]!”

Anna Goncharova, a zoo psychologist and owner of horses, said that the horse could have attacked as it does not like drunk people. The horse does so not because of the smell of alcohol but the impulsive actions taken by drunk people translates to the animals as an attempt at attack.