Man grown 1,065kg pumpkin wins $16,450 in prize money

A man based out of Minnesota cultivated a pumpkin that weighs a massive 1,065 kg and he won a huge amount of money after he took home the first prize in a Northern California pumpkin-growing competition.

Mr Gienger won the first prize in the 47th annual Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off in Half Moon in California.

He took home a massive amount of US$ 16,450 in prize money. This money was given to him by pay by pound system. In this system, the money is given to you by the per pound weight. The price in the competition was fixed at US$ 7 per pound.

This is also the heaviest pumpkin of the year in North America.

Travis had also named his pumpkin. He called his huge produce the “Tiger King” after the popular Netflix series Tiger King. He revealed that he chose to keep the name as he saw stripes on his pumpkin.

Travis mentioned extreme steps he had to take during the 35 hours long drive from Minnesota to Half Moon Bay. The competition winner built a palette for his trailer, wrapped the pumpkin in blankets and pool noodles to prevent it from scratching, throwing dirt in the back in order to keep the vines watered so that it does not lose weight.

It is safe to say that all his efforts bore fruit after he took the title and the huge prize money home.