Man gets power bill of Rs. 230 million

A man from Uttar Pradesh was shocked to see a power bill of INR₹ 23 crore (i.e. US$ 323k) for a 2 kilowatt connection after consuming just 178 units of electricity.

Worried about the figures in the bill, the man, Abdul Basit a resident of Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh ran from office to office to get his problem sorted.

The engineer incharge said told the news agency ANI that , “Due to some anomalies in reading such kinds of bills are being generated. It would be changed and meter reading will be taken again. Only after a bill is found correct, the consumer will be asked to pay for it.”

The exact amount of the bill was INR₹ 23,67,71,524.

The victim to wrong meter reading Abdul Basit said, “It seems like I’ve received the entire bill of Uttar Pradesh, even if I earn money for my entire life, I’ll still be unable to pay this exorbitant amount.”

(The Pigeon Express Opinion – Such kind of exorbitant faulty bills are extremely common in India. It mostly occurs due to faulty equipment or if the someone fails to understand the use technology. Bugs in software equally share the blame.)