Man fires gunshots, burns a car after complaining about corruption in Mathura

A man and a woman in Mathura were arrested  after the man set a car ablaze and fired gunshots in the air, triggering panic in the area and bringing traffic to a halt.

The man has been identified as Shubham Chaudhary.

“He set his own car on fire and when attempts were made to control him, he fired in the air and kept on addressing the people on the street on on a public address system,” Mathura Senior Superintendent of Police Shalabh Mathur said.

While speaking to the people, he was complaining about corruption. It took a while before the two could be overpowered and arrested. Their weapons were also seized.

“The exact reason for all this is being investigated because conflicting statements are coming from him. Sometimes, he claims the woman with him is his wife. But then he also calls her his sister. Then, he changes his version by calling her a business partner.”

“We are also probing from where he got the weapons. The woman also had a weapon. All these questions will be answered only after proper investigation. At this stage, we can’t confirm whether the woman was his wife or sister,” the SSP added.