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Man finds World War II BUNKER hidden under his lawn after 40 years

A man found an underground bunker from World War II in his England home where he has lived for the last 40 years.

The air raid shelter was hidden under the lawn of Khandu Patel in his home where he and wife Usha have lived together in Wolverhampton.

Khandu who has worked as a school caretaker, always wondered what is the role of the manhole cover. The 68- year-old man says that during the lockdown, he and a friend decided to see what is in there and discovered concrete. As per the report, he and the friend dug it down and discovered the air raid shelter.

“We started digging and it became apparent it was a staircase. It was amazing seeing all the steps exposed,” Khandu said.

Khandu is now turning this space into a bar for his family. Pictures of the underground bunker show that the place has been transformed by the school caretaker.

The shelter is 5 feet by 10 feet in size.

According to Khandu’s assumption, the place would have accommodated 40 people in a cramped state.

“We reckon most of the street would have used it during the war.” The World War II shelters were created to protect people against enemy air raids during the war.

During World War II it was estimated that 1,70,000 British people took refuge in underground station shelters.

Khandu turned the space into a bar for him and his family.