Man falls prey to scamsters while ordering Pizza online

A man was scammed ₹95,000 ($1331) as he fell victim to fraudsters after ordering a pizza online.

N.V. Sheikh in India’s IT capital, Bangalore, used a food delivery app on his smartphone to order a pizza on December 1. After his meal was not delivered even an hour after the order was placed, he looked for the customer care service of the food mart.

When he called up, he was reportedly told by the man on the other end that the order was not being accepted by eateries and that a refund would be made.

The man allegedly told Sheikh that he would receive a phone message, and his refund request would be processed once he clicked on a link provided therein.

After doing as directed, Sheikh became a victim of phishing. The fraudsters accessed his bank account details, and left him poorer by Rs 95,000 within minutes.

He has now filed a police complaint with the Madiwala Police who are now investigating the matter.

Sheikh was said to be saving the money for his mother’s cancer treatment.

A spokesperson for the food delivery app said that it did not have any calling service for customer care but only chat and email.

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