Man-eating Tiger caught from Bandipur reserve forest after week long search operation

A man eating tiger was captured from Karnataka’s┬áBandipur reserve forest on Sunday. The tiger had earlier this week claimed the lives of two persons, was finally captured after a week-long effort to catch it.

The age of the feline is expected to be between four to six, and is said to have moved from Kabini reserve near Nagarhole towards Bandipur forest nine months ago and made a 1 km radius around the boundary of the forest, which was closer to human habitation.

Forest officials set up camera traps in order to locate the big cat. Even dolls smeared with human blood were procured in order to be used as bait. The search team also roped in foot hunting Soliga tribals.

The images of the tiger caught by the camera traps in the Bandipur Reserve Forest gave an indication of its whereabouts.

The Bandipur tiger reserve, a popular tourist destination, is spread across 872 sq km reserve forest.

“The tiger ate an elephant calf. This gave us a lead that it was in close proximity and it was only a matter of time till we would zero in, hence we didn’t need to use the big dolls as bait,” officials said.

The first victim of the big cat was a Shivamadaiah in mid-September when he was returning to his village with two bullocks from another village. 80-year-old Shivappa, was the second victim of the cat.

The tiger will now be taken to a rehabilitation centre in Mysuru, where it will be treated and kept in captivity for the rest of its life.

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