Man drinks 10 beers and holds pee for 18 hours, ruptures his bladder

If one doesn’t relieve oneself for too long, the consequence can cause serious internal damage.

Something on the similar lines happened with a man from China who had 10 beers and passed out without urinating. The 40-year-old went into inebriated sleep and ended up holding in a huge amount of urine for around 18 hours.

The man, identified as Mr. Hu, woke up to excruciating abdominal pain and suffered three tears to his bladder as a result of falling asleep without using the toilet. He wasn’t entirely sober when he reached the urology department of a hospital in China’s Zhejiang province and couldn’t lie flat.

Doctors operated him urgently to repair the bladder which was found ruptured due to the “increased pressure inside the organ”.

Surgeons Wei Hansong, Xu Qi and Chen Rong revealed had Hu not been treated in time, the intestine entering his bladder could have led to his tissue death. Hu is now in stable condition, the hospital confirmed.

Following the surgery, the doctors noted in a report that while it is a possibility for everyone, Hu’s was a particularly rare case. The report informed that the human bladder is flexible and can expand in size when fluids are consumed. However, it can hold up to a capacity of between 350 and 500 millilitres.