Man dresses as bride to meet his girlfriend as she was marrying someone else

A man in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh did something out of the ordinary to meet his girlfriend. He disguised himself as a woman in bridal attire to enter his girlfriend’s house as she was marrying someone else.

However, after being caught by the people, he fled from the venue with his two friends who were waiting outside.

According to media reports, the man was dressed up in a red wedding saree with fake hair and makeup. He even carried a small purse and wore sandals. However, his gestures and way of talking raised a lot of suspicion among the people. He asked the people about the bride and told them he wants to see her.

Everybody got suspicious if he was actually a woman or not, and they started following him. They made the boy sit down and remove the veil. His fake hair came off, revealing that he is a man disguised as a woman. People called the local police, but he fled with his two friends.

This is not the first time that a man has gone beyond the normal to meet his girlfriend. Recently, an Assam man grabbed the limelight for pretending to be the magistrate of his area to attend the birthday party of his girlfriend amid the Covid-19 lockdown. The incident took place in Jorhat, Assam.