Man dies after dangling from chimney for over 15 hours

Fire department officials in England who were fighting to rescue a man who was stuck at the top of a 290-foot industrial chimney died after being trapped for over 15 hours.

Officials appealed to the public to provide a 90-meter cherry picker to help rescue the man who was trapped on top of Dixon’s Chimney in Carlisle, northwest England.

Footage on social media appears to show the man bare-chested and dangling by his legs.

The man, who has not been named, was recovered after the cherry-picker was used to transport specialist technicians and a team from Lancashire fire and rescue trained to work at height to the top of the chimney to lower him down. The team brought the man down using a specialist crane and rope access equipment.

The rescue effort was described as “highly complex” and included the use of drones to assess the scene.

A Coastguard helicopter attempted to rescue the man earlier on Monday, but the operation was aborted because of the man’s precarious position. The man had been unresponsive since late in the morning and had been exposed to cold temperatures with little clothing.

The police have now launched an investigation into how and why the man reached the top of the chimney.