Man climbs down snake infested well to save drowning peacock

A man from Tamil Nadu risked his life to save a peacock that fell into a snake-infested well and was gradually drowning.

The man was spotted climbing down the well to the bird despite snakes seen crawling in the deep well.

A video shows the man being tied with ropes, slowly descending in the deep, wide well, following the directions given by people from outside the water body.

The man then steps into the snake infested water reservoir and makes his way towards the drowning peacock. He initially struggles to catch the drowning bird as it seems scared of what is happening. The man is then finally seen catching the bird and placing it on its lap.

After getting out of the well towards an open farm, the bird let loose managed to fly flapping its wet features, picking up pace.

The incident took place earlier in Thuraiyur town in Tiruchirappalli district of Tamil Nadu.