Man chops off father’s head and limbs to play PUBG in peace

A 25-year-old man in Karnataka beheaded his father and chopped off his legs for stopping him from playing PUBG.

The police confirmed that the man decapitated his father over the video game.

A case was filed against Raghuveer Kumbar, who often had quarrels with his 65-year-old father, Shankrappa, over his video game addiction.

The Belagavi police while speaking with members of the press said, “His father had repeatedly advised him not to play the game and upset with his father Raghuveer had beheaded Shankar.”

In his confession Raghuveer admitted to committing the heinous act after knowing that his father had cut off their internet connection. His father also confiscated his phone. The Raghuveer later locked up his family members in another room and then started beating his father, before chopping him up into pieces.

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