Man celebrates his birthday alone amid lockdown, blows candle with hair dryer

With the novel coronavirus gripping the world, people have been forced to be confined to their homes. Most of the countries have imposed lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, which have resulted in planned parties and birthday celebrations being cancelled. However, people are finding unique ways to celebrate their birthday amid the lockdown.

Now, a hilarious video of a birthday celebration has surfaced on video-sharing platform TikTok. As the clip begins, we see the background decorated with helium balloons and the birthday boy sitting on a chair along with a chocolate cake. As the video proceeds, people can be heard singing the birthday song in the background.

Moments later, the birthday boy takes out a hairdryer to blow the candles. In the final frame, the camera pans and shows people had joined the celebration through video calls.



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The footage has gone viral on TikTok and has also made way into other social media websites.

The deadly virus has s infected over 14 lakh people, and the death toll has crossed over 80,000 worldwide.