Man casually walking with 12-feet pet python baffles shoppers in Brighton

Shoppers in the busy town of Brighton, East Sussex were in for a shock of a lifetime after they spotted a young man with a huge pet snake.

The reptile owner, who turned out to be a professional snake handler, was seen strolling with his 12-feet python and a friend in the busy town centre.

Concerned citizens contacted local police, who confronted the man and asked him to take the reticulated python home.

According to police reports, the man and his friend were intending to film the snake for their YouTube channel where they posted videos of reptiles in unusual places. The pair dropped the snake on the ground and were inviting people to hold it as they filmed them, the police added.

Erik Selby, 30, filmed the bizarre incident on his phone, after he heard some commotion near his office. In the video, the snake can be seen crawling across the pavement with its head leaning against a window.

The video footage shows the white and yellow python slithering on the pavement floor. It also shows the two police officers asking the man to remove the snake from the pavement, while the man could be seen arguing with them stating his pet is ‘content’ where it is.

After a long discussion, the police officer’s persuasion seemed to work as the man could be seen walking away with the python wrapped around his neck.

The bizarre event has left many including the police baffled.