Man Buys £1350 stolen bicycle for £80 to return it to rightful owner

A man bought a £1350 bicycle for £80 after realising the two-wheeler was stolen. Ste Burke, a resident of Liverpool, England was coming back from the gym when three men approached him and asked him if he would like to buy a bicycle for a hundred pounds.

In an interview with the website, Ste said, “That was my first red flag, then I saw the bike lock on the back of the wheel and he wanted to sell a £1350 bike for £100.”

Ste went on to reveal that he offered the man £80 and he sold it for that amount, Metro UK reported.

The report revealed that the 26-year-old then got the bicycle and put up a tweet, asking if someone recognises it. “I put it on Twitter because I knew it wouldn’t have been stolen far away as it was locked,” he was quoted as saying.

Ste wrote, “Has anyone had their bike stolen? Just bought this for £80 and it’s got a bike lock on it. Apparently it’s from the Crosby area. Bought it so I can get it back to the right owner. I know it’s a £1350 bike and I’d be heartbroken if it was me. Give us a shout.”

Soon after, a woman recognized the cycle and connected Ste with the real owner, who was extremely relieved to get the two-wheeler back. The man’s house was apparently burgled a few days earlier.

Ste, who got more than 11,000 retweets was also offered a free bicycle from Halfords, a retail company, which he declined.

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