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Man billed nearly $3 million for 4-month coronavirus treatment at US hospital

A man who recovered from coronavirus in the United States took to TikTok to share details of the expenses that he incurred for a four-month treatment of coronavirus.

In the video posted by @letstalkaboutbusiness, a man showed a rate list that had a gross total of an astonishing $3 million. Viewers were astonished with the amount of money that the hospital charged him.

In the clip it showed the rate list of each service that the hospital provided the patient – prices of staying in the ICU, medical scans, and other services can be seen.

The video was posted just a few days ago and already has close to 9.5 million views.

Viewers commented that it’s the basic rate of the hospital that will come down if the person has health insurance. The real problem is, apparently, the person does not have any health insurance.

The United States holds the tag of having the most expensive medical treatment. Although the argument can be made that the facilities are top-notch and one of the best in the world, it’s not something people from the middle class can afford.